Monday, October 19, 2020


DOT Issues Final Rule Embedding Trump’s Regulatory Reform Effort in Federal Regulations
Roncevert Almond, Esq.  The Wicks Group PLLC. Legal Advisors

Prioritizing for Further Risk Assessment: Part 3 of a Series
By Cherry Burke, Technical Advisor

DocuMentation requirements in association with ‘Consumer Commodity, ORM-D’, or ‘Limited Quantity’
By Frits Wybenga, Senior Technical Advisor

Report on 38th Session of the UN GHS Sub-Committee Meeting
By Michele Sullivan, PhD Technical Advisor

FY 2020 Appropriations – Final Action:  PHMSA is a Winner
By Cynthia Hilton, Legislative Advisor

Questions from Fillers of Dangerous Goods Packagings
By Christopher Lind, Technical Advisor

Selective Testing Provisions  Applied to Fibreboard Combination Packaging
By Frits Wybenga, Senior Technical Advisor

The Use of Recycled Resin for IBC Inner Receptacles
By Christopher Lind, Technical Advisor

Quantity Limitations by Vessel Q&A
By Ed Mazzullo, Senior Technical Advisor

The UN Subcommitee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods Meets at Its 56th Session of the UN- SCOETDG
By Christopher Lind, Technical Advisor

The Journal of HazMat Transportation’s Exclusive Comments on the U.S. DOT Letters of the Hazardous Materials Regulations
By Frits Wybenga, Senior Technical Advisor

  • Meaning of ethanol
  • Leak testing by camera observation
  • What happens when a third-party tester/certifier goes out of business?

Hazmat Transportation Guidance

  • Six summaries of important U.S. DOT letters of interpretation

U.S. DOT Letters of Interpretation of the Hazardous Materials Regulations: November, December 2019 and January 2020. 15 letters sorted, indexed and provided verbatim.

PHMSA Penalties: November and December 2019

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