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The superior management system in place at SCHÜTZ ensures the finest quality products wherever you may be in the world. SCHÜTZ products are constantly and extensively tested both in the laboratory and in practice in accordance with ISO 9000/9001, so you can rest assured that every product bearing the SCHÜTZ name has earned its seal of excellence.

Our extensive product range of open- and tight-head drums offers superior versatility - even for the most challenging packaging and transport requirements. ECODRUM are produced in just one work cycle at the most advanced manufacturing plants in the world. The fully automated, processor-guided, manufacturing process guarantees a high quality standard.

The development of the IBC by SCHÜTZ was based on the idea of devising a transport container with a filling capacity of five drums using the space of four drums. With SCHÜTZ ECOBULK we succeeded in the development of an extremely light and space saving container system - a design which has caught on worldwide in the past 25 years.

Specification Packaging: 1H1, 1H2 Plastic Drums; Composite IBCs for liquids