Thursday, September 24, 2020

By JHMT StaffJune 10, 2020

The United States' National Transportation Safety Board released a report on May 28, 2020, providing its findings and recommandations persuant to a June 2016 fire in a delivery truck. The fire began among a shipment of four large-format lithium-ion batteries, each of which was individually packaged in a fiberboard box. The truck and its other cargo were destroyed.

This NTSB investigation determined that the probable cause of the fire was an electrical short circuit between the battery terminal bolt and the upper cells of the lithium-ion battery module, causing a thermal runaway within the battery, igniting the battery and its packaging. Contributing to the electrical short circuit was the battery manufacturer's design that did not protect against short circuiting. Also contributing to the consequences of the accident was the same company's use of combustible packing materials.

View the NTSB report detail to view findings and recommendations.

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