Friday, September 25, 2020

The Journal of HazMat Transportation

Major chemical corporations rely on The Journal of HazMat Transportation as an expert guide and source of information for compliance in the complex field of hazardous materials packaging and transportation.

The Journal of HazMat Transportation delivers your message directly to key specifiers and buyers of packaging, training, labels and placards, and hazardous materials related services. It targets transportation and logistics, and distribution regulatory compliance decision makers.

The Journal has become well known as the authoritative source on hazardous materials transportation and packaging topics in North America. It is supported by some of industry's foremost seasoned professionals in the hazardous materials field, including as Technical Advisors Frits Wybenga, Gordon Rousseau, Ed Mazzullo and Christopher Lind. Frequent contributors from the packaging and chemical industries give additional depth to the publication's analysis of U.S. and international packaging and transportation regulations and packaging developments.

A U.S Department of Transportation (OHMS) staffer has called The Journal of HazMat Transportation the "best in the business, supported by nationally recognized authors... DOT sees this publication as a valued resource."

The Journal of HazMat Transportation will align your products and services with some of the best and most focused editorial published today.

Vincent Vitollo, President

The Journal of HazMat Transportation

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