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The most complete, in-depth information resource available on Hazardous Materials Transportation and Security - For All Modes of Transport

The Journal of HazMatTransportation is a professionally prepared technical report issued bimonthly and focused exclusively on explaining changes and addressing issues relative to the hazardous materials transportation regulations. Since 1990, The Journal of HazMat Transportation has become an indispensable management tool for both large and small chemical companies and government agencies throughout North America and Europe (see Endorsements and Who Reads Us). Read by senior regulatory managers in industry and regulatory officials in the federal government, there is no better or more comprehensive source of information available in the industry.

This publication brings to your organization the highest level of expertise available on the subject of hazardous materials regulations. Our presentations are thorough, exhaustively researched reports designed to save you time, keep you informed, and explain the nuances of the regulations. It supplements your regulatory staff by adding expertise in a cost efficient, systematic way which saves you both time and financial resources.

You receive:

Professionally written bi-monthly presentations on the latest changes to U.S. and International regulatory requirements, including comprehensive reviews of US DOT letters of interpretation of the HMR, written by experts in the field.

Electronic HazMat Alerts, providing you with professional summaries of essential rule changes, international meetings, links to the rules and the ability to submit comments on the rulesmakings.

The HazMat Reference Gateway™ subscribers only section of our website. A reference source of all past HazMat Alerts, an industry suppliers section, important presentations from the print publication with hyperlinks to official documentsfrom recommending and regulatory bodies, and your gateway.

The Journal of HazMat Transportation's vast array (over 6000 documents) of easily searchable expert presentations back to 1995, with all letters of interpretation of the hazardous materials regulations presented verbatim, 1993 to the current date. The most important letters are hyperlinked to comments by Senior Technical Advisor Frits Wybenga, former Duputy Associate Administrator for Hazardous Materials Safety, Ed Mazzullo, former PHMSA Director of Standards, and Andy Altemos, expert and former international standards coordinator to the US Department of Transportation's Office of Hazardous Materials Safety.

Key Features of The Journal of HazMat Transportation


The Journal of HazMatTransportation™ provides you with in-depth technical reports and advice on DOT hazardous materials dockets, and UN, IMO and ICAO dangerous goods changes.

The Journal of HazMatTransportation™ regularly attends meetings of the UN Committee of Experts which are the source of 99% of DOT's rule changes, the International Maritime Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization, and the working groups of the ADR/RID (the European road and rail rules). New dangerous goods rules are covered in a way to prepare you for changes to domestic rules which are forthcoming. The Journal of HazMatTransportation™ is the only information source available to provide guidance for all of the modes, given the active participation of its authors in U.S. and international regulatory decisions and actions.

For easy tracking, all DOT hazmat rulemaking and notice activity is presented in each issue in an easy-to-read table. Avoid costly surprises by visiting DOT inspectors in your plants discovering what you should have already known. The journal keys in on what DOT is looking for by providing PHMSA enforcement quick-briefs sorted by company type and civil penalty actions.

Read verbatim in each issue, all of DOT's HazMat Letters of Interpretation (Clarification) for each previous two-month period, sorted and indexed to the CFR regulation text. These letters are studied for importance and unique expert comments on letters are presented in each issue.

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