Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Recent Issue Summaries

In This Issue: September/October 2016 Issue

Topics of interest in the September/October 2016 issue of The Journal of HazMat Transportation.

Placard Sized Pictograms on Cargo Transport Units:  PHMSA Responds to The Journal of HazMat Transportation’s Inquiry Relative to 172.401(c) with Interpretation 16-0122.
By Frits Wybenga, Senior Technical Advisor

PHMSA Codifies FAST Act Mandates Addressing Rail Tank Cars Used to Transport Class 3 Flammable Liquids 
By Ed Mazzullo, Technical Advisor

PHMSA Issues Its International Harmonization Notice of Proposed Rulemaking HM-215N
By Frits Wybenga, Senior Technical Advisor

The Journal of HazMat Transportation’s Exclusive Comments on the U.S. DOT Letters of the Hazardous Materials Regulations
(links provided to 49 CFR sections and original DOT letters)
By Frits Wybenga, Senior Technical Advisor


The Need to Provide for Sufficient Financial Coverage of Hazmat Transportation Incidents in the Rail Mode
By Edward W. Pritchard, Senior Partner, Paladin Consulting Group

Package, Overpack, and Freight Container – Definitional Dilemma
By Wade Winters, President, Regulatory Resources, Inc.

PHMSA Publishes HM-234 Notice on Cylinder-Related Petitions for Rulemaking 
By Ed Mazzullo, Technical Advisor

A Different Approach for Improving Packagings Transported in the “Fifth Mode” of Transport
Lonnie Jaycox, Jaycox Consulting

Go to the full Digital Edition of The Journal at hazmatship.com to read:

U.S. DOT Letters of Interpretation of the Hazardous Materials Regulations: July and August 2016.  38 Interpretations sorted and provided verbatim

HazMat Transportation Guidance: 8 guidance tips 

Summary of U.S. DOT Rule & Rulemaking Activity