Monday, September 24, 2018
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July 12, 2018 DOT Letters of Interpretation for January/February 2018 Issue Available in Reference Gateway

By JHMT StaffJuly 12, 2018

Following to our publication in their new digital format of the PHMSA letters of interpretation of the hazardous materials regulations which appeared in the March/April and May/June 2018 editions covering the January through April period, we have now added those letters in tabular format which appeared in our January/February 2018 editions, and which covered November and December 2017. See below. These letters, in addition to appearing in both the print and digital editions of the publication, are archived in the HazMat Reference Gateway under the pulldown module, US DOT: DOT Letters of Interpretation and are fully searchable. These letters contain links to applicable DOT regulations in the 49 CFR in addition to comments we may have made on the letter.

Erratum: The Index for DOT Letters of Interpretation for May/June 2018 Issue contained a few errors in its links to referenced and originating letters. Those errors have been corrected.

We have expanded our indexes by adding those letters included in the January/February 2018 issue. Included are:

  • Links to the applicable 49 CFR sections are provided, in addition to links to comments made by our technical advisers. These comments are notated in the index.
  • You will also note that we have added originating letters to DOT’s responses so that you will have access to the full context of the questioner’s inquiry.
  • These web pages are directly accessible in a new section from the pulldown US DOT menu, PHMSA Letters: Indexes by Issue

To view the index in the Reference Gateway, click here. Login is required. Links to the letters themselves are provided there as well as Reference numbers for each letter. Comments by our Technical Advisors are provided on those marked with a ▶.

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