Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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2017-43 October 3, 2017 DOT Issues Notice of Regulatory Review

By JHMT StaffOctober 3, 2017

Yesterday, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a notice in the Federal Register titled Notification of Regulatory Review.

According to the notice, DOT is reviewing its existing regulations and other agency actions to evaluate their continued necessity, determine whether they are crafted effectively to solve current problems, and evaluate whether they potentially burden the development or use of domestically produced energy resources.

The public is invited to provide input on existing rules and other agency actions that are good candidates for repeal, replacement, suspension, or modification.

Click here to view the full notice in the Federal Register. Click here to submit comments via the Federal eRulemaking Portal. For more information on the Emergency Orders prescribing regulatory review in Federal agencies, read Administering the Administrative State: Regulatory Reform in the Trump Era, by Ronce Almond, Marina O’Brien, and Andy Orr, The Wicks Group, PLLC, from our March/April 2017 issue. Subscriber login is required.

The Journal will be closely monitoring this process and developments in this area.

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