Friday, October 19, 2018
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Making the most out of searches

Searching The Journal's collection of reports and documents is easier than ever due to our new custom-tuned search engine. It provides powerful new features for advanced search options as well as personalized notifications for users on new results for search terms, and provides access to over 5000 documents. Searchable content includes:

  • Every letter of interpretation issued by the Department of Transportation since 1993;
  • The Journal's expert comments on select letters of interpretation, linked to and from the original letter for your convenience;
  • Every US and international report from The Journal from 1995 to present.

Want some help?

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Performing a basic search

Click here to be taken to the Search Subscriber Content page. From there you can perform your intial search. Once your results have loaded, you will have the opportunity to select from advanced search options. See below for information on using these features. Search results are presented in reverse chronological older (most recent to least) and search terms are highlighted on the results page as well as the resulting documents themselves.

Restricting your search by date range

There are two ways to restrict your search by date range. One way is to use the date filters immediately available on the left to the search results. The other is to click the "Advanced" link and select a date range from the pop-up dialog.

Selecting a date filter from the left, e.g. 2011, will restrict your current search to that time period. Note that this filter list is not comprehensive for brevity's sake, but opening the "Advanced" options dialog allows you to directly set the date ranges.

Searching within categories with Advanced Search

You can narrow your search by choosing one or more specific content categories to search in. If you find yourself unable to get to the desired reports using the category search, e.g. U.S. DOT Rule and Rulemaking Reports, or Articles/Reports using Archives where all of our reports from the print edition is available.

For the U.S. DOT Letters of Interpretation and The Journal's Comments on DOT Letters of Interpretation, perform searches under those category names.

To change categories, click on remove filters which takes you back to your original results. Then click again on Advanced Search and choose your new category.

New search result notifications

Clicking the Notify Me link will instantly create an automated notification that sends you an email when a new report or document is added to that matches the search term you have used. The notification emails provide a link to manage your notification options.